Quantus LearningÂŽ is Just Simply Better: Top 6 Reasons Why It Beats Tuition Centres & Home Tutors

From failing her subjects, my child is First in class for Term 2! She is more motivated now.

Mdm Nor Aishah, Mother

My daughter's grades have jumped by 4 grades. Extremely effective!

Mdm Ainun, Mother

I have fun learning Maths and I have more confidence for Maths. For my percentage test I got 29 out of 30!

Jemimah Dawn, Student

Very productive and conducive environment.

Nazirah Afiqah, Student

I have been Mind-Blowned by what I learnt today!

Ithar Shah, Student

Very fun.The materials are good.The coaches are marvellous.

Irfan, Student


Powerful, Proven and Popular

Thousands of students and growing each day, with their Inspiring Success Stories transforming thousands more

Advanced Pedagogy, Learning Technology and Diagnostics

Integrated approach using award-winning technology platforms, pedagogies and diagnostics including BrainCore Infinity™ Diagnostics Suite

Every Child is Uniquely Gifted

All children are unique. So why should their learning be the same like everyone else? We harness their Multiple Intelligences, Cognitive-Motivational features and Learning Profiles to help them be their greatest


Quantus Personalised Learning™

Every session is not only individualised but the instruction is differentiated for every child, allowing your child to follow its own learning pathway to mastery with self-directedness

Infinito™ Brain Fitness Training

Your child’s brain fitness is critical to its learning abilities. Improve Memory, Brain Speed, Intelligence, Attention, People Skills and Navigation

All-in-One Holistic Development

Your child is a complex organism. In addition to the applications of the Science of Success, study skills, social-emotional skills, programmes and events for the whole family

Why International Award-Winning Quantus LearningÂŽ Achieves Over 98.3% Academic Success Rates for Our Students?


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Learning has never been so revolutionary, powerful and proven.

20 Years in the making. The Learning Revolution is now here for every child. More than just tuition.

The Quest: Every Child Deserves Success in School and Life Our Method: Putting Your Child at the Centre of the Learning Universe

More than just Tuition Classes

The days are gone when parents sent their children for tuition to do well in their studies through additional classes. Quantus Learning is everything and more. It is the future, now. Experience our Qlasses™.

Individualised and Differentiated

Every session is individualised to the child’s learning abilities and brain features, and the learning takes place at the child’s own pace, with different resources and instruction.

Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Levels

Our methodology works for young children from as young as 1 year old to young adults as old as 20 years and above.

Choose Individualised Coaching Ratio

You can start off with the standard coaching ratio of 1:8, or upgrade to a more personalised attention of 1:1, 1:2 or 1:4.

Maths, English, Science, Chinese, Malay and More!

We offer almost all subjects in different education systems, including Singapore’s SEAB and MOE syllabuses (PSLE, N Level, O Level, A Level).

Studio-based or Home-based

Choose for your child to come over at our Qlass™ Studios or if it is more convenient, our coaches will travel to the venue of your choice, including your own home!

BrainCore Infinity™ Diagnostics Processed


Brain Fitness Improvement Rate


Improvement in Grades

Weekly Coaching Programmes Students Have Enrolled In

From Broken to Top in Class

Haziq Ilhan didn’t do well for his PSLE, in fact, he was a broken boy. He rose like the mystical phoenix to getting first in class the following year.

Dream Came True - Got into Raffles Institution

Nabil had been wanting to get into Raffles Institution, and he had positive thoughts, which became great habits, which then became his destiny.

From Last in Class to First in Class

Laura (not her real name) was last in class. She joined us, and by the end of the year, she became first in class. Read this story in our Media section.

Failing Subjects, Then First in Class for Term 2!

Nur’Afifah overcame all odds, from being unmotivated, not putting in effort for revision and homework, to someone who was determined to keep doing better and better.

Jumped 4 Grades From Unmotivated Self

Adriana was unmotivated and lost. Now, she keeps wanting to improve herself, and very determine to do her best.

C to A Primary 6 Maths - Unmotivated, Giving Up to Motivated and Hardworking

Irfan was scoring borderline for his Primary Maths (50s-60s). With motivation and hardwork, he is now scoring As (70s to 80s).

Core Features of Quantus Learning Method

Quantus Personalised Learning™

There are  four stages in our model of Personalised Learning. Stage Zero is understanding the child, followed by planning and preparation, then facilitation and finally review and communication.

MEALS Kinetics™

The framework we adopt throughout our sessions is based on the research that motivation drives the actions needed to be taken for success.

Self-Directed Mastery Learning Pathways™

Every child should learn at its own pace, as slow as it wants, or as fast as it wants. Based on this method of learning, our students form learning pathways in a self-directed manner.

BrainCore Infinity™ Principles

Based on the child’s Multiple Intelligences and Brain Fitness levels, our learning programmes are designed and personalised to the child in every single session to optimise maximum results.

Learning Quantum Dots™

The practice behind the research that every learning comes with it a set of learning milestones to reach mastery of the subject.

SuperStudy Skills™ and EQnetics™

Combined with our research-backed study skills and social-emotional skills, your child will have everything and more, from his/her experience with Quantus Learning.

Results Oriented

When you send your child to Quantus Learning, we are very focused on the ultimate goal which is to help your child apply our method to achieve academic excellence and much more.

World-Class Research-Backed

Everything we put into practice is based on sound research based on findings internationally, as well as from the research work we carry out continuously in the spirit of innovation and improvement.

Flexibility Fitting Your Child

Learning for every child should be flexible. You can opt for smaller coaching ratio, increase frequency of weekly sessions or rather than have it at our studio, do it at your home instead.

Our Qlasses™

We believe that our classes should be made most convenient for your child. Choose from our four Qlass™ Studios in Singapore or have them at the comfort of your own home. Weekdays or Weekends.

Qlass™ Studio

We are are across Singapore. Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China (Coming soon). Choose the most convenient to you.

Home-Based Qlass™

Our Coaches Do Travel to Your Homes Too!

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Maximizing Your Child's Learning Potential with the BrainCore Infinity Diagnostics™ Suite and MLAS™

Ready to create greatness for your child?

Quantus LearningÂŽ

Brain-based Personalized Tutoring
Maximizing Your Child's Learning Potential with the BrainCore Infinity™ Diagnostics Suite and MLAS™ using our cutting-edge BrainSense™ Personalization Platform

Be Your Greatest! More Than Just Tuition.

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