Terms and Conditions of Enrolment into Quantus Learning®

1. ALL monthly fees incurred are to be paid BEFORE the FIRST lesson of every month.

(a) There will be $5 incurred for every late fee payment reminder sent to parents. These reminders could be sent via mail, electronic mail, SMS or WhatsApp Message. The reminders will be sent at least twice in the month: by 10th of every month, by 15th of every month and by 25th of every month.

(b) For any non-payment of any monthly fee, there will be a late payment charge of 10% for each month of non-payment.

(c) Students may be suspended in the following month when fees are still not paid in the current month. In the event of suspension, fees are still payable for months of suspension.

(d) All payments of fees are only through applicable cashless payment modes.

(e) We reserve the right to make claims against you for any non-payment of fees as stipulated by the fee schedule and as bound by the herein terms and conditions. In such actions taken against you to recover such claims, we reserve the right to charge additional administrative costs against you based on prevailing costs of such legal claims.

2. In each calendar month, the sessions are specified in our Academic Year Calendar. There is no pro-ration of monthly fees, registration fee or material fees unless otherwise clearly specified. Fees are incurred on a monthly basis, and not on a session-basis.


3. All sessions as stipulated in the Academic Year Calendar are final, and no amendments will be made without prior written consent from Quantus Learning. The sessions will be for the entire Academic Year as detailed out in the individual yearly Academic Year Calendar.

(a) Once sessions are confirmed, there is only ONE complimentary change allowed for the entire Academic Year. If further changes are required, it will be charged at $50 per change in each session already registered for.

(b) Quantus Learning reserves the right to re-schedule sessions without prior notice to parents/guardians of students.

4. ABSENCE In the event of an absence from the sessions which have been scheduled, only medical reasons with valid medical certificate as evidence will be accepted. On such occasions, student will be able to choose another session as a make-up. There is a maximum of ONLY THREE make-up sessions per student under such circumstances in the entire Academic Year.

5. MAKE-UP Parents/guardians are to inform us at least one week in advance of any make-up session in accordance to paragraph (4). All make-up sessions are subject to availability. Students may do make-up at other branches of Quantus Learning, when there are available slots. However, they are to get confirmation from the Branch manager for availability of such sessions.

(a)(i) The FIRST AND SECOND SESSIONS attended by any student at Quantus Learning will always be used for assessment and diagnostics, on top of induction of the student into the personalised learning programme. Parents may be given a summary of our findings and our proposed personalised learning programme for the student. First session will be induction, familiarisation and orientation as well as subject-specific assessments. For the Second session, the student will explore the various learning strategies using the resources provided based on the BrainCore Infinity Principles. Quantus Learning reserves the right to modify these sessions without prior notice to parents/guardians of students

(a)(ii) If a student opts for a trial session, and then subsequently enrolls with Quantus Learning, the Second session for the particular subject in the trial as in (a)(i) will be skipped. However, other subjects enrolled which is not in the trial, will progress as per normal.

(b) Each coaching session is 90 minutes.Sessions will be personalised according to the needs of the student. Coaches assigned to the students will customise every session to cater to the needs of the students. (i) Students may do their homework during these sessions; (ii) Students may revise for their school tests and exams; (iii) Students may use these sessions to help them in non-academic areas that will support their academic needs; (iv) Students would cover learning milestones according to the Self-Directed Mastery Learning Pathways methodology and BrainCore Infinity Principles; and (v) Parents/guardians may consult school teachers to provide feedback to coaches in their review of the child’s Personalised Learning programme.

(c) Personalised Learning Coaches will be deployed for every session.

(d) Depending on the personalised learning ratio opted for the student, each child will be coached in small groups of 8 students to 1 coach (1:8), 4 students to 1 coach (1:4), 2 students to 1 coach (2:1). For 1-to-1 (1:1) coaching session, there will be one coach to one student.

(e) In each group session (1:8, 1:4, 1:2 ratios), the students may be from different levels and covering different subjects.

(f) In each session, there will be a maximum of 20-25 students in the learning studio at any given time.

(g) For home-based sessions (taking place in student’s residence or elsewhere but our learning studios), the student will be coached by one of our home-based coaches.

(h) Booster Sessions are provided throughout the Academic Year. These sessions are compulsory as part of the weekly coaching programmes. They are also offered to students in Semester 2 in preparation for major examinations such as PSLE, N Level, O Level and A Level. The Booster Sessions are complimentary, and monthly fees are to be paid till the end of the Academic Year. In the event of withdrawal after utilisation of the Booster Sessions, the monthly fees are still payable till the end of the Academic Year.

(i) Quantus Learning reserves the right to change the scheduling of these sessions without prior notice to parents/guardians of students. In the event that the student is under any contract as in paragraph 14 below, the student is to still continue with any session made available to the student. If there is no available session for the student who is under contract as stated previously, the parent can opt to upgrade the coaching ratio of 1:1, to ensure the continuity of the learning programme for the student. Otherwise, monthly payment of fees would still be incurred under the contract period.

(a) (1) The submission of an official withdrawal form will be required in ADVANCE of ONE CALENDAR MONTH prior to withdrawal of student upon successful registration of student. In lieu of this, ONE FULL MONTH’s fees will be payable to Quantus Learning.
(2) If you have registered, and decided to withdraw EVEN BEFORE attending any session at Quantus Learning, an official withdrawal as in paragraph (7)(a)(1) will still be needed in ADVANCE OF ONE MONTH. In lieu of this, ONE FULL MONTH’s fees will be payable as materials and resources have been allocated to the student for the entire month upon registration. Registration and material fees are still incurred in such circumstance.
(3) If the effective last session is in a particular month, the entire fees for that calendar month has to be paid in entirety. eg. Effective last session is 12th April, the full month fees for April is payable. This is also applicable to the amount payable in lieu of advanced one month notice.

(b) For students graduating at the end of the Academic Year, here are the last months of the Academic Year for attendance:
i. PSLE – October
ii. N Level – October
iii. O Level – November
iv. A Level – November

(c) All monthly fees are incurred for the entire Academic Year even if students have ended their major examinations as in 7(b) and are no longer attending anymore sessions at Quantus Learning. The booster programmes are compulsory, and sessions have been brought forward from subsequent months to intensify revision for examinations. The fee structure has taken into account the nature of Quantus Learning’s Academic Year, and our programmes.

(d) There is no withdrawal allowed from September onwards to help students prepare for their final examinations.

8. DISMISSAL, INTERVENTION AND MEDIATION Students may be dismissed for disruptive behaviour or if the coaches feel that methodology is not suitable for the students. This will only be carried out after consultation with coaches, students and parents. Students may be put under probation for mediation purposes. This is to ensure optimal learning conditions for every learner at our studios.

9. All sessions are held at Quantus Learning Branches as publicised to parents/guardians. From time-to-time, we may shift our branches. We reserve the right to move within 10 km radius of current location of the branch without prior notice.

10. The maximum capacity at each studio at any given time ranges from 20-25. If your child requires more personalised coaching, you may opt for a smaller ratio of coach:student ratio at an additional charge. Alternatively, you may consider home-based personalised learning for your child.

11. Registration fee (non-refundable) per student is $50 (each Academic Year). Material fee is $50/subject per semester (Semester 1: December of previous year to May of current year, Semester 2: June to November of current year) and is collected in every semester (before December of previous year and before May of current year respectively), regardless of months left in the semester. We are unable to pro-rate due to the nature of personalisation of individual student’s learning, and the extent of use of resources on a yearly basis, rather than session-basis.

12. Total Monthly Fees vary according to subjects, levels, ratios, locations and other discounts (e.g. vouchers, package specials).

13. DEPOSIT UPON REGISTRATION There is a deposit of $100 required upon registration. This amount must be paid latest by the following day of registration. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Our staff will follow up with every online/paper registration to ensure payment is made promptly.

(a) Payment of $100 is incurred upon each and every online registration made for each and every child. You are liable for the payment of the $100 deposit for each online registration you make.

(b) This amount will be refunded at the end of the Academic Year once all arrears have been settled.

(c) For home-based learning programmes, the $100 deposit is refundable if a coach has not been found for the student within 8 weeks.

(d) All refunds will be made by the 25th day of every month, upon confirmation from finance on the amount.

14. Promotions and Discounts
(a) All promotions enjoyed by any Student during registrations will require the full enrolment into the entire academic year from December of the previous year to November of the current year, or 12 months, whichever is longer.

(b) Enrolment under the Two-Year Contract will require 2-year (24 calendar months) enrolment from the start date as in its own separate terms and conditions.  In the event of any withdrawal, the total fees incurred for the contract period, or what is left of the period is payable.

(c) Enrolment under the One-Year Contract will require 1-year enrolment (12 calendar months) from the start date as in its own separate terms and conditions.  In the event of any withdrawal, the total fees incurred for the contract period, or what is left of the period is payable.

15. Liability Disclaimer

(a) All costs incurred as a result of any damage, injury, loss, expense or liability that may be caused to public and/or private property by the student will be paid by the parents/guardians.

(b) Quantus Learning reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

(c) These terms and conditions, and the policies for payment, and the amount of the fees, may be varied by notice in writing to the student and/or parents/guardians of the student.

16. The Mutual Respect Clause

All our staff members have the right to being respected. By agreeing to these terms, and being offered our products and services, you are bound by the Mutual Respect Clause. We reserve all rights not to serve you with immediate effect if any of our staff members have been disrespected by you. Further legal actions would be taken against you for serious instances of disrespect, including verbal abuse, either in a physical setting or online.  

17. LEGALITY You are legally bound by these terms and conditions under the laws of the Republic of Singapore when you accept these Terms and Conditions, either over the Internet or offline. 

Version 1 September 2017, Last Updated 3 October 2023.
To be updated on the latest Terms and Conditions, please contact us.

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