Quantus Learning is deeply honoured to be sponsored the International Quality Award (Frankfurt, Germany). The Arch of Europe has been won by the builder of the World’s tallest building, the repairer of some of the world’s largest ships, the world’s top producer of steel, gold and other previous metals. We continue to strive for perfection, as every child deserves success in school and life. We are the world’s most advanced Personalised Learning systems.

The awarding body has evaluated Quantus Learning to be the world’s top education/learning establishment based on Quality, Innovation and Excellence. Through a strict evaluation process involving a Quality matrix of criteria, Quantus Learning was selected by an international committee of academics and experts in the field of Quality Management. We are humbled to be recognised internationally around the world for our quality, in every step of the way.

Thank you to everyone who makes us become greater and greater every day.

“By shifting the focus of traditional education from delivering information, to the learning experience from children’s eyes, this innovative company has managed to develop a more efficient, more ethical and more successful education methodology. Catering to the success, happiness, growth process, motivation and capacity of children to cooperate in society and among their peers, it has developed a powerful system that rewards inquisitive minds and motivation, over raw knowledge, thus introducing one of key elements of Quality Culture, Continuous Improvement, in the world of education.” Business Initiative Directions