The Quest: Every Child Deserves Success in School and Life

Starts with Understanding the Child

Every child is unique. To help every child succeed, the strategies must be personalised to every individual child.

Putting the Child at the Centre of the Learning Universe

The child must be able to learn effectively, and for that to happen, the child has to be at the centre of the learning universe.

Effective Pedagogy Enabled by Technology

The way a child learns need to be suitable to the child, allowing the child to learn in the best ways, and also to go at its own pace. Technology helps to manage such learning methods.

Consider Psychology and Physiology

A child is a complex organism. The brain and mind must be developed in tandem with the overall development of the child, including its confidence, physical well-being, and emotional development.

How do You Put the Child at the Centre of the Learning Universe?

Our research has shown that the critical factors in academic performance of the child are motivation and cognitive abilities . We have developed the MEALS Kinetics™ framework, that ensures every child can succeed, no matter their starting points, or academic excellence at the point of remediation. Helping the child to learn most effectively, and connecting daily tasks to the long terms goals of succeeding in school and life. The Quantus Personalised Learning is the backbone of how we achieve success in every child.

Achieving Peak Performance State through Habit-forming Routine and Structure while Learning

Every child can attain success only when they have a strong mind, healthy body and brain, positive habits that are part of its productive daily routine supported by an ecosystem of positive role models, mentors and cheerleaders. We help your child to condition for success through our proprietary systems, processes and tools.

Diagnostics and Assessments

To understand the child, we’ll need to carry out diagnostics and assessments that unravel how your child learns best, and what abilities your child has to reinforce his ability to do well in school and life.

Personalising every Learning Opportunity

With insights gained about your child, personalising every learning opportunity based on these insights, will enable your child to learn effectively, at the pace suitable in giving his best.

Formation of Habits and Developing of Essential Skills

Great habits and essential skills are integrated in the learning programmes, and reinforced through practice and remediation by coaches. It is all about conditioning for success.

Analytics: Review and Communication

At different stages, we’ll collect data about your child and keep reviewing the learning programme. Communication is key in this process between coaches, parents and children.

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