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Ultimate Combo Package - Sign Up Multiple Subjects, and Enjoy Up to 100% Discounts on one Subject!

Terms and Conditions Apply. Require 1-Year Enrolment. Only Pay Monthly.

Smart Parents Scheme - Enjoy a hefty 25% Further Discount!

Terms and Conditions Apply. Require 2-Year Enrolment. Only Pay Monthly.

Learn with Passion. Pay with PAssion.

Just flash this card, and get $10 off for monthly fees in the AY2018. Only for the first 100 registered students. It is easy being a super mum!

*Only for the first 5 months of enrolment.

**Not valid with other promotions, schemes or packages.

***Parents can then choose other promotions, schemes or packages after the 5-month period of promotion, if they would want to enjoy special prices.

FREE* QBook with 24-Months Subscription

FREE* QBook by Quantus Learning with 24-months subscription to any of our Quantus Personalised Learning programmes. *Whilst stocks last, minimum 2 subjects.

World’s First Dual-OS All-in-One Device Loaded with iLearn™ and Infinito™ Brain Fitness Training Platform. For more information on the Free QBook Promotion, click here.

Priority Registration for AY2018 is NOW OPEN!

*NOW OPEN* Priority Registration for AY2018. 
– Current Students Enjoy Bursaries of $240* for AY2018 (the first 50 only)
– New Students Enjoy $120* Off for AY2018 (first 50 only)
– Refer new students, and get $50 cash!

Get Started Today. Be Your Greatest. More than Just Tuition. http://getstarted.quantuslearning.com

World’s Most Advanced Personalised Learning Systems
Studio-based and Home-based

For enquiries, call us 61006463, WhatsApp 96540523, email contact@quantuslearning.com, PM us on Facebook, or leave us your comment below here.

*Bursaries are awarded to current students on a monthly basis of $20 off per month for the entire AY2018
*New students enjoy $10 off every month for up to 12 months in AY2018
* Not applicable with other promotions, schemes or packages

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World's Most Advanced Personalised Learning Systems

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