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“From failing subjects to first in class for Term 2!”

Nur ‘Afifah Qurratu’aini Binte Mohammad Rizal, Secondary 1, Woodlands Studio, Christ Church Secondary School 

“Ithar showed very little interest in his studies. He had never passed Science or Maths before. Now, he shows so much interest in subjects like Science. And his results improved tremendously.”

Muhammad Ithar Shah, Sec 1, Jurong Studio, Outram Secondary School

“He puts in more effort and tries to work harder”

Muhammad Miqdad Shah, Primary 6, Jurong Studio, Gan Eng Seng Primary

“Now, she has tremendously improved and is always looking forward to improve herself. She is determined to do better. Her grades have jumped by 4 grades.” 

Adriana Faraisyah Binte Abdul Majid, Secondary 4, Woodlands Studio, Mayflower Sec 

“Aufa will never like to go tuition his grades are average. He is more willing to go to tuition and grades have improved little by little. The technique used is different from previous centres he attended.”

Muhammad Aufa Naufal Herwan, Pri 6, Woodlands Studio, Endeavour Primary 

“She used not to be motivated, will only attempt the easy Maths questions and stare and not even trying. Now, she is more confident and look forward to weekly sessions. She’s surrounded by other students who are hardworking and want to do well. I am confident that she will improve or at least she realise that Maths is not a difficult subject and can excel. If she puts in effort and with coaching from Quantus Learning. She can see positive results.”

Qiara Quzandria Binte Adnan, Primary 4 Jurong Studio, Boon Lay Primary School

“My daughter dislikes Mathematics and does not put any effort especially in Problem Sums. Now, my daughter enjoys going for classes & understand the concepts of Mathematics better. I like Quantus Learning’s method because it is personalised & use different means of teaching each topic.”

Nur Sfiyah Alayna Binte Muhammad Rafie, Primary 4, Jurong Studio, Pei Tong Primary School 

“She lacked confidence, not motivated and always failed all her subjects except Malay since P3. I don’t look at her grades but she managed to pass all her subjects in Secondary. It’s unbelievable! She showed a lot of improvement and putting in effort is the key to success. She’s more motivated now. I’m so proud of her. I hope she can do better in her finals:) The teaching techniques, the environment and the great coaches that did not stop my daughter to travel quite a distance for her tuition.” 

Nurul Nabilah binte Dzulkifli, Sec 1, Jurong Studio, Regent Secondary

“From Cs, to Bs and now As even. The coaches are able to explain better and make her understand.”

Umairah Afiqah Bte Mihd Yusri, Primary 6, Jurong Studio, Pioneer Primary school 

“He has lots of confidence now, and is improving.”

Muhammad Syazwan Haikal Bin Rahmat, Primary 6, Jurong Studio, Fuhua primary school 

“Jemimah had difficulty understanding Maths and she would not show interest in the subject as she always had the road block and won’t give it a try. She needed alot of pushing to do her revision. For Science she had the understanding on the subject but not able to focus most of the time. We have seen how Jemimah progress after attending Quantus Learning. How her attitude changes towards her academic subjects. She has shown positive attitude and gets motivated to do her revision and sets her goal to pass her subjects especially maths as she always failed since P3 but we are happy to hear from her teacher last May and gave a good feedback about her that she has improved a lot and she’s also teaching her classmates now.”

Jemimah Dawn Pagbilao, Primary 6, Jurong Studio, Bukit View Primary School

“Sabryna failed her SA1 for Maths and was discouraged that she didn’t do as well as expected. She is motivated to do well in her Maths and her CA2 results was astounding 84/100. Well done, Sabryna!! “

Hany Sabryna Tok, Primary 4, Woodlands Studio, Kheng Cheng School

“Eiliyah cannot cope with her studies . She failed both her Science and Math papers. Eiliyah managed to cope with her studies and complete word problems with minimum help . She passed her Math and Science papers . I was surprised to see her results.”

Eiliyah Syazliana Binte Zainal, Primary 6, Jurong Studio, Pioneer Primary School 

“Fitriyah had a hard time trying to ask question that she is not clear or did not understand. Time at school mostly doing school work no time for the teacher for individual need. At home parents are already lost with school subject. Fitriyah really enjoys Quantus Learning way. It is not that is usually taught at other tuition centres. What she doesn’t understand the coaches at Quantus Learning will help her. This adds to her knowledge and understanding. She will compile everything that she doesn’t understand for the week and ask the coach. I think the method of teaching or explaining the method of what you are not clear or don’t understand is the right way. No point repeating things that are already clear. She has progressed very well.”

Ungku Nurfitriyah Bte Mohamed Faisal, Primary 6, Woodlands Studio, Madrahsah Al-Irsyad


“Before joining, Mikhail used to be weak in all of his subjects. But now he is more confident and he scored grade 2 for Maths and grade 3 for his science. His form teacher was surprised. For us as his parents, this is really great improvement from him.”

Muhammad Mikhail Bin Amzah, Primary 6, Jurong Studio, Fuhua Primary School 

“He topped his class for Maths in the Prelims. He used to get a U, and single digit at times. He also improved in other subjects, especially for his English.”

Muhammad Hakimi Bin Mohamad Yusri, Primary 6, Jurong Studio, Jurong Primary School

“Abby is not able to cope well. Her grades were all Fs. Last term, she scored Band 4, and now Band 3. She has improved a lot.”

Abby Andrizsha Binte Muhamad Rizal. Primary 3, Jurong Studio, Pioneer Primary School

“Hasif hated Maths. Try to talk Maths to him, he will just stare at you. His score is below average. He started to pick up on his Math. Even though he still failed his math but there is some sign that show he will do better as he now able to do his Math homework by himself.” 

Ungku Mohamed Hasif Bin Mohamed Faisal, Primary 4, Woodlands Studio, Woodland Primary School 

Actual Student Feedback After Each Session (Smart Learning Analytics 2.0 System)

We analysed over tens of thousands of feedback generated to understand how we can improve the learning experience.

"It was awesome I am looking forward to the next session."

 Aleesya, Primary 5, Science

"I had fun learning more about human reproduction. :)"

Sarah, Primary 6, Science

"I enjoy how the session was planned."

Dian Maisarah, Primary 6, Mathematics

"The coaches are nice and helpful."

Ellya Shaniz, Secondary 1, Mathematics

"I like to learn here as it is interesting and fun."

Eva Maisya, Primary 3, English Language 


Ungku Nurfitriyah binte Mohd Faisal, Primary 6, English Language

"It was something new compared to what I have done at school. It was an exciting experience and I am looking forward to the next session"

Adib, Secondary 4, Mathematics

"The study recources given were fun,exciting and educational. :)"

Muhammad Nurhakim, Secondary 2, Mathematics

"I think that it is great to be learning in this environment with a good coach"

Hakeem, Secondary 4, Chemistry

"I have learnt what I have not learnt in school and that is awesome!😉"

Aleesya, Primary 5, Mathematics

"There can be miracles when you believe."

Anaqi, Primary 6, Science

"I like it when each learning block passed by we get rewarded by sweets"

Aiman Daniel, Primary 6, English Language

"Fun to work with friends."

Irfan, Primary 6, Mathematics

"I enjoyed today lesson as the lesson was fun and awesome"

Amirah, Secondary 2, Science 

"It was very beneficial and enjoyable."

Syazwani, Secondary 4, Additional Mathematics


Fairul, Primary 5, Science

"I really enjoy doing fractions as its my weakest topic in maths and i really hope to improve on it."

Nadia, Primary 6, Mathematics

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